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RDP to the rescue...

When we received a call about a freezer door that wasn't working, we were happy to help! We attended the Highstreet convenience store quickly and installed new heater tapes and transformer to get door back up and running, ensuring no loss of stock or inconvenience to the store.

We can work with you to plan your maintenance or you can hire RDP whenever a problem arises. Either way, will always receive the same exceptional level of quality and workmanship, all carried out safely. We can help with the below and much more:

✔ New Builds

Supply and installation of insulated panels from all the major

UK and European manufacturers to form controlled hygienic

process areas including internal box in box & Dutch barn

style constructions with exposed weatherproof wall panels

✔ Alterations

Extensions, relocation of partitions, removal & disposal of

insulated panels, forming conveyor openings, infill / form

door apertures

✔ Refurbishments

Cosmetic panel repairs, hygienic wall & ceiling coverings,

PVC cladding, replacement ceiling tiles, new doors

✔ Temporary screens

Hygienic food safe walls/ sealed hoardings to protect your

process from construction works or new plant installations

✔ Condition Survey

Free inspection of existing insulated panels & doors;

report observations and proposals on; serviceability,

structural integrity, panel de-lamination, vapour seal

breaches, panel facing / flashing continuity and impact on

surface spread of flame

✔ Protection

Chequer plate, goalposts, bollards, floor mounted angles,

armco barriers, ceiling panel walkways, handrails...

✔ Planned & reactive maintenance

Door, wall & ceiling repairs, re-sealing of panel & flashing

joints, replacement vapour seals, new gaskets / door

furniture & trace heating

✔ Pest proofing

Plating/ sealing redundant holes in panels, closer flashing to

temporary units, insect mesh to louvres

Get in touch for more information.

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