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Test Cells

Test Cells

RDP Installations are Specialists in the design & installation of steel enclosures including environmental enclosures and process control enclosures for use within a variety of industries. RDP has worked on many different projects creating enclosures to accommodate a multitude of work disciplines, these include:


• Heavy industry,

• Electrical component
• Manufacturers

• Automotive industry

• Aerospace industry

• Mineral Fibre core for fire rated / acoustic applications
• Foam core (PIR or IPN Quadcore) for temperature controlled applications
• Perforated finish for sound absorbtion
• Polyester finishes for medium to high temperatures
• PVDF / Prisma finishes for aesthetics
• Stainless steel finish for high temperatures & harsh environments

We have a professional contracts team who coordinate and project manage each installation ensuring there are no omissions from the
specification and no clashes with other services on site. We have been managing projects ranging from installs of a single spray booth
right through to a complete new automated conveyorised paint line for over 25 years.

Environmental enclosures have been provided for a wide variety of industries and processes. Controlled environments can be designed and installed by RDP Installations to meet a client’s specific requirements and, if desired, we can provide the environmental lighting, air-supply and exhaust-systems to complete the package. A broad range of metal fabricated components can be produced to support the manufacturing process, in small or large volumes.

RDP Installations can help you with the Following:

• Spray and dip and powder application enclosures
• Spray booths
• Curing oven enclosures
• Intercoat flash off booths
• Test cells
• Quality inspection enclosures
• Quiet booths
• Shake and rattle enclosures
• Rolling road booths
• Acoustic enclosures
• Water test chambers



 RDP Installations Limited


11 Seddon Place, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 8EB, UK


T: 01695 317800 E:

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