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Fire Walls

Fire walls

RDP Work closely with all the leading panel manufacturers, fully understanding the specific compliant construction details in terms of fire certification, earning a solid reputation as a preferred and approved installer of their products.


RDP offer total Fire Rated wall and ceiling solutions that are ideally suited for internal partition walls and ceilings where fire resistance is of paramount importance.


Fully tested and independently certified for fire performance, durability and structural integrity, our fire rated panel systems are ideal for a wide range of applications including cold store rooms, food processing plants and distribution & storage environments.


At RDP, we have vast experience of working across a broad spectrum of sectors, and our fire rated systems offer the highest levels of fire protection for both life and property safety. Our non combustible stone wool core filled Panels can deliver up to 4 hours’ fire performance that is independently certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and FM Global. Long fire-rated spans


Installation of composite panels systems can also be constructed over 10 times quicker than both block work and jumbo stud and board
walls, thus reducing cost. With no wet trades, Panels can be installed without the need for scaffolding and with minimal on site handling as
well as low waste. Furthermore, our fire rated panels are installed pre-finished and require no further decoration, allowing follow-on trades to start as soon as

What we offer

Experts in Fire Protection
RDP has extensive knowledge of the performance of composite panels in fires, allowing us to provide guidance in selecting the most appropriate products to achieve the required fire performance...

Up to 2 hours fire protection
Our Fire rated panels are certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and FM Global...

Spans upto 7.5m
Spans possible up to 7.5m to LPS 1208 reducing the requirement for secondary steel work...

Sustainable Solutions
‘Cradle to Cradle’ approach to recycling where materials are recycled in a closed loop and reused again without losing any material quality...

Wide Range of finishes
Finishes include foodsafe & Polyester coatings, providing a smooth, anti-static internal surface...

Upto 10 times quicker to install
Found by Faithful + Gould to be the cheapest method of construction for fire resistant walls, with cost savings of up to 40% per m² according to a cost study from 2014

Fire rated doors & windows
Complete your fire rated environment with Doors & Windows, tested and certified for fire, security and acoustic performance. Designed and manufactured to meet the exact needs of both new and refurbishment projects...



 RDP Installations Limited


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