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Coldrooms & Freezers

Coldrooms & Freezers

With over 25 years of experience, RDP Installations specialise in the design, installation & service of cold rooms, Chillers and freezers.

At RDP, We undertake projects of all sizes and for a wide range of customers for applications including: chilled warehouses, chillers and freezers, meat and fish processing facilities, food, fruit and vegetable production, preparation and storage.


Ideal for temperature ranges between -40ºC and +80ºC, Our range of IPN Quadcore panels by Kingspan are designed to provide a fast, efficient and cost effective wall and ceiling solution whist still offering values such as strength, thermal performance, and a Class I fire resistance rating. Quadcore is one of the most efficient insulating materials available, offering R-values of up to 0.08. To put this into perspective, a brick wall would have to be 860mm thick to achieve a comparative level of insulation.


The available range of Quadcore panels are available in thicknesses of 50, 60, 80, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 & 220mm and lengths of

up to 19.7m.


We also, supply and install a range of insulated sliding & hinged doors, developed specifically for the food and construction industry. Where possible we choose Fermod fittings for our door sets, which provide an industry recognised quality. Our insulated doors are finished as standard in a white food safe finish, ideal for food preparation/storage areas. Depending on the application, we also offer Vision Panels, Low Voltage Heater Tapes, and Fire Resistance up to 1 Hour.


To complete our turnkey approach, for freezer applications, RDP also offer recessed, built up and modular style freezer floors to
suit all requirements.

What we offer

Project Management

At RDP Installations, we offer precise design & professional Project Management to the clients exact specification...

Project Management

At RDP Installations, we offer precise design & professional Project Management to the clients exact specification...

All of our projects are delivered by our client Friendly, knowledgeable & experienced Installation teams...

Wide range of Panel Finishes & Thickness
Finishes include foodsafe & Polyester coatings, providing a smooth, anti-static internal surface. Thickness’s of panel ranging from


Supply Chain
RDP Installations are approved by all major European manufacturers for the supply and installation of their products...

Turnkey Solution
We offer a very comprehensive range of insulated, hinged & sliding, doors which can be either manual or automatic operation

Freezer Floors
We offer a variety of floors to suit the needs of our customers including both recessed and built up concrete floors with integrated insulation & heater mats...

Our ‘Cradle to Cradle’ approach to recycling where materials are recycled in a closed loop and reused again without losing any material quality...

Chequer plate, goalposts, bollards, floor mounted angles, armco barriers, ceiling panel walkways, handrails...



 RDP Installations Limited


11 Seddon Place, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 8EB, UK


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