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Data Centres

Data Centres

Physical security breaches can lead to catastrophic consequences for data centres, such as the theft of or damage to high value network equipment including server units and sensitive and confidential data falling into the wrong hands. Breaches can also cause major interruptions to service. At RDP Installations, our composite panels offer a varying level of security rating of up to LPS 1175 SR4 and can be used to create a secure environment within an existing structure, or be retro-fitted into a new-build. This makes them an ideal for the protection of servers, IT hardware and sensitive data against a physical security breach.

Composite panels are easy to install and are pre-finished, negating the need for any wet trades and keeping any disruption to operations down to a minimum. They are also hygienic – crucial in ensuring that server rooms are kept dust-free.

We offer a wide range of solutions including, Quadcore, PIR & Rockwool filled panels as well was secure SR1, SR2,SR3 & SR4 rated panels which offer protection from a serious attack using high impact equipment such as power cutting devices, sledge hammers or jigsaws. Similarly standard block or brick walls are also venerable, with their joints acting as points of weakness.

Any security measures – such as wall panels, ceiling panels and locks – used to protect critical areas such as control rooms, should
be certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (the standard is LPS1175) and/or approved by the Centre for the Protection of
National Infrastructure (CPNI) to guarantee both their quality and suitability.

What RDP installations offer:

Experts in Fire Protection
RDP has extensive knowledge of the performance of composite panels in fires, allowing us to provide guidance in selecting the most appropriate products to achieve the required fire performance...


Up to 4 hours fire protection
Our Fire rated panels are certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and FM Global...


Spans upto 12m
Spans possible up to 7.5m reducing the requirement for secondary steel work...


Sustainable Solutions
‘Cradle to Cradle’ approach to recycling where materials are recycled in a closed loop and reused again without losing any material quality...


Wide Range of finishes
Finishes include foodsafe & Polyester coatings, providing a smooth, anti-static internal surface...

Up to 10 times quicker to install
Found by Faithful + Gould to be the cheapest method of construction for fire resistant walls, with cost savings of up to 40% per m²...

Fire rated doors & windows
Complete your fire rated environment with Doors & Windows, tested and certified for fire, security and acoustic performance. Designed and manufactured to meet the exact needs of both new and refurbishment projects...



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