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High Performance Polymer Impact Protection Systems

Protection Barrier Systems

 Kingspan Protection Barriers

Tested and certified to provide protection to people and structures from the impact of machinery

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Single Barrier

Double Barrier

Flexible Barrier

The unique anchoring system of KPSBarrier-S offers ultimate protection for columns and walls while allowing fast installation and no concrete damage upon impact. KPSBarrier-S can also be used as a wheel guide to help guide drivers reversing articulated trailers to dock leveller doors for loading and offloading purposes. Manufactured from high performance synthetic polymer technology. Its durable design provides excellent impact resistance and ensures maximum protection.

KPSBarrier-D is our double barrier protection system, offering the same performance of our single barrier system but protecting from potential impacts at higher levels

KPSBarrier-D is manufactured from high performance synthetic polymer protection technology. Its unique design caters for impacts from a higher level compared to KPSBarrier-S.

KPSBarrier-H is a flexible barrier system featuring FLEXsafe – a superior high performance flexible synthetic polymer technology. FLEXsafe Technology is specifically designed to safely absorb impacts by deflecting at the point of impact gradually bringing it to a stop.


Product videos

SafeDefence KPS Goalpost Door Protection

Barrier-H & Barrier-H Plus Protection Systems

Protection Systems Portfolio Overview

SafeDefence Performance Overview

Other items available

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Pedestrian Guardrails

Goal Post Door Protection

Kingspan's KPS Posts provide a high-performance solution for the protection of building corners, inner and outer door areas and walls, as well as smaller surface areas.

KPS Posts are manufactured from solid polyethylene to provide maximum impact resistance and, as they are self coloured as opposed to painted, they offer superior resistance to UV rays.

Kingspan's KPS Rail is manufactured from high performance synthetic polymer protection technology.

Its robust design protects people and high value equipment and assets from impacts that may cause injury or damage.

Its unique design provides maximum protection for internal or external door systems. Designed to safely “flex” on impact and ensure impact resistance, KPSGoalpost is tailored and manufactured to specific door sizes.

Kingspan's KPS Goalpost can be mechanically fixed to a range of substrates including insulated panel systems and concrete walls. Fixing methods, training and installation support is available from us free of charge.


Kingspan SafeDefence Protection Systems have been subjected to robust independent impact testing to determine the force they can withstand and their respective deflection. Test results indicate that the protection system’s elastic / flexible design outperforms many comparable systems.


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